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Wholesale Real Estate Preservation, Improvement & Development


Property Preservation

CPR LLC shares your common goal of securing, repairing and maintaining your property until conveyance.  We are your most valuable resource when it comes to evaluating critical/ non-critical repairs and the viability of the project. CPR LLC is dedicated to affordable and code compliant solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our property preservation services include but are not limited to; , Occupancy Inspections, Initial Secure, Cash For Keys, Lockout Evictions, Personal Property Evictions, Foreclosure Cleanouts, Property/Tenant Turnover Services, Interior/ Exterior Property Clean Up/Clearing Debris Removal And Disposal-, Board Up, Pool Securing, Roof Secure And Repair, Winterization, Regular Maintenance-Grass Cuts, Snow Removal Emergency Services, and Custom Services To Meet Your Specific Needs. Our services promote maximum rent/sale performance of your property with increased cash flow/profitability. Create safe properties and limit liability with mandatory, cost effective safety code violation repairs while boosting your reputation by cleaning up properties and joining the fight of “neighborhood blight”.


CPR LLC is more than a name, we are redefining the way people build, improve and maintain their assets.  Build smarter, stronger, faster and on budget to protect your investment! We utilize many up to date system built and prefab building methods in our projects to offer a wide variety of high quality, custom built structures, enhancements and improvements.  This allows us to budget with more controlled cost and limit exposure by accelerating the building process. However, CPR LLC construction is built to last. Take your project on with confidence knowing that we are working with superior materials and quality.   Over years of ownership, you will enjoy less maintenance and energy bills lower than your neighbors, promoting higher returns on your investment. The highest standards of quality, dedication and attention to detail, is why we have a solid base of loyal clients.

One Call Does It All

One Call Wholesale Property Services.
Wholesale Real Estate Preservation,
Improvement & Development.

Custom Property Resources LLC